Studying SDN – story continues…

As I mentioned before (SDN on virtual lab) I preparing myself to 70-745 exam and doing SDN study.

Few days ago I built SDN network controller and completed the steps to verify deployment – two VM networks on top of Provider network. If SDN controller deployed successfully, I should able to ping VMs on both sides. I couldn’t do that. I even couldn’t ping default gateways of each subnet. Another strange symptom: VM could get IP from IP static pool for a second, then I saw APIPA address and empty ARP table. Did lot of troubleshooting, re-create VM network, installed latest Windows Updates, but it didn’t help. I’ve excluded all possible reasons and decided to re-deploy network controller.

First try was failed and it was definitely the reason why my VM network didn’t work – my Certificate Authority server was down. I have no monitoring of SDN components, so I wasn’t noticed that it was down. So, it was very good lesson for me, CA plays very important role in SDN.

Ready to deploy SLB part 🙂

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