SDN on virtual lab

I built my SDN lab to prepare for 70-475 exam, had an issue with management network. But first few words about lab itself:

1 physical host, with standard set of VMs on it: DC, CA, VMM, WSUS, SQL, Hyper-V role and file server. The nested virtualization is enabled on Hyper-V role VM.

My scenario: build network controller (NC) as VM on top of Hyper-V VM. I followed standard procedure, download and install NC template from GitHub, created management network and started to deploy NC role.

Finally I failed with the VMM error 22725: “VMM received name NC1 for VM Expected computer name is Ensure that the VM has joined the right domain or workgroup and then retry the operation.”

I did some troubleshooting and found NC1 VM is not reachable from VMM, IP address has normally assigned from IP pool, it had correct gateway and DNS server settings. I could ping this VM from host, but not from VMM. It’s critical to have direct communication between VMM and VM, because VMM uploads SDN scripts to there and run the PS commands. That explains why VM could not join to domain, because VM couldn’t simply talk with other hosts in the same network. The gateway also was not reachable.

After doing some research I found the solution: ARP spoofing must be enable on the host (in my case it’s virtual machine with nested virtualization). Here is the command:

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -VMName <VMName> | Set-VMNetworkAdapter -MacAddressSpoofing On

Shutdown VM, run this command, start VM. You’re done.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Hi Dmitry,
    i already test SDN and Network Controller with SDN Express Scripts from Github.
    We use Hyper-V Hardware Servers with SCVMM2016 as an VM.
    When i start the vmmexpress.ps1 i get the error 22725 after a Long time when the machine starts:
    VMM received computer name CPSV-NC01 for VM CPSV-NC01.domain.local. Expected computer name is CPSV-NC01.domain.local.
    What i see and Change are the “NC-VM##” entries in vmmexpress.ps1 and the nc-standalone-template.xml files to get the servername CPSV-NC01 as VM Name. the host (FQDN) Name in dns should be CPSV-NC01.domain.local.
    have you an idea, how i could successfully deploy sdn networkcontroller?
    thanks in Advance.

    1. Hi Joerg!
      Thanks for response!
      I suppose you checked steps already discussed in blog’s article.
      I suggest you to check the computer certificate for this machine. You should get automatically from PKI and have it in Personal store. In my case PKI didn’t released the cert, I did it manually and install on the server, then I could continue the installation. Otherwise it’s simply failed.

      Best regards,

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