How to install Update Rollout (UR) for DPM

This is very short FAQ describing Update Rollout installation for DPM.

  • What should I do before download and install UR?
  • Follow this check list:
  1. Check compatibility matrix DPM table: There you can see if your product supported by DPM and what are the minimal requirements.
  2. Do full backup of existing DPM database (by SQL studio or by DPM tools)
  3. Read carefully the KB article for this UR. For example: Put your attention on “Installation Instruction” section.


  • How to obtain UR?
  • Approve it on your WSUS server or use Windows Update client to download binaries from Microsoft directly.


  • Should I install previous UR?
  • It’s not required, all new URs are cumulative what means they are included all previous URs. But always read instruction from Microsoft (described above)


  • Can I uninstall UR?
  • Simply find it in Installed Updates by KB number and remove it, then restore database from backup. But I strongly do not recommend uninstall UR.



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