DPM 2016 UR2 with Modern Backup Storage – server hangs, crashes, backup tasks are slow?

Hi guys!

Since August our DPM 2016 with latest UR2 and Modern Backup Storage (MBS) have a lot of issues. ReFS metafiles aggresively using server’s RAM so after 1 hour server become unresponsive, then I can’t RDP or WinRM. Other DPM server with MBS has no RAM issue, but backup tasks just slow, sometimes never completed. We also applied latest September CU KB4038801, but it didn’t help, increased the number of BSOD.

We have opened cases in Microsoft Premier Support, for DPM and Windows team. Now they are work together to provide us the final solution. Probably the workaround will be exclude MBS from operations and use normal DPM storage.

There are two forum’s topics regarding this issue:

High memory usage – DPM 2016 with Modern Backup Storage

DPM 2016 on Windows Server 2016 ReFS: Be careful of KB4038782


Until now Microsoft couldn’t provide us the working solution. I will keep you updated.

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  1. Hi, Dmitry!

    I’m experiening same issues with DPM 2016 and MBS – jobs are stuck or very slow and server comes unresponsive. since it virtual machine I can add memory to it as workaround and after while can login to OS.

    Do you have any updates with MS case? did they solve the problem?

  2. Hi Vladimir!
    We have no final solution yet, those fixes we got still unstable. I hope they will have publicly available fix sooner in this year.

    Best regards,

  3. Hej Dmitry!
    Thank you for this post, it perfctly describes the problems we face backing up our WSE 2016 Server.
    Is there any update so far?

    The solution linked in one of the threads you mentioned is not applicable since I don’t want to gamble around with some advanced settings blindfolded.

    Thanks & best regards

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